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Justin Bieber’s Tough Month

Back in November I wrote an article titled Justin Bieber Gets Tough in which I talked about the secondary progressions in his horoscope. At that time I said we only had to wait until a transiting aspect came along and acted as a trigger and the stress represented by these progressed aspects would be released. Well, we now have that transiting aspect.

Secondary progressions are based on a one-day-for-one-year system. We “progress” a person’s horoscope one day for every year lived. It’s sort of like watching the horoscope grow in slow motion. Transiting aspects describe the relationship between the planets in the sky right now (or on any given day) with the positions they hold in the natal horoscope, a horoscope charted for the day, place and time of birth.

The secondary progression of particular interest in the horoscope of Justin Bieber is the movement of his secondary progressed Mars over his natal Sun. This represents a time of adversity and conflict. Pent up anger comes to the surface and/or you find yourself confronted with hostility. This is an aspect of rash acts and bad impulses. Energy is wasted and the vitality suffers.

What we’ve seen from Justin Bieber over the past few weeks fits into the symbolism. His 19th birthday bash fizzled, he attacked a photographer, was late for one concert and collapsed during another. Mars has certainly has not been kind to Mr. Bieber.

The transiting aspect that triggered all this is not a major one. Transiting Neptune is conjunct his natal Saturn. This aspect signals a time when self-discipline waivers and social boundaries are readjusted. Typically, it would not be a major influence in a person’s life but, will all the havoc that Bieber has waiting at the secondary progressed level, the singer could ill afford such a lapse in his Saturn function.

Since the aspect between Mars and his Sun will be in effect for the next couple of years and Neptune will continue to move back and forth across his Saturn for the remained of this year, we can expect more outbursts of bad behavior from Justin Bieber in the near future.

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