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Astrology and the Oscar Race: Part EightRiva Image

Though I don’t claim to be an expert when it comes to movies and generally only take a passing interest in who wins Academy Awards, I thought it might be interesting to look at the horoscopes of this year’s Oscar contenders for best actor and best actress.

Emmanuelle Riva, who was nominated for her role in the French film Amour, is a veteran actress. She’s been in the business longer than our first two female nominees, Jessica Chastain and Jennifer Lawrence, put together and is an established star in France. I was able to locate Riva’s birth data in Astrodatabase so we have a complete horoscope for her. (Click here to see the chart.)

Riva’s horoscope shows that she is a natural actress. She has Neptune on her Leo Ascendant along with a Pisces Sun sign. People with Leo rising love to perform and the combined influence of Neptune and Pisces tell us that Riva is imaginative, intuitive and uniquely comfortable in a world of make-believe and illusion.

Riva’s horoscope is dominated by a T-square involving her Sun, Moon and Mars (with Jupiter and Saturn playing around the edges.) The square between her Sun and Moon indicates that she has a distinct split in her personality between her adventurous and aggressive Sagittarius Moon and the more soulful and somewhat lazy qualities of her Pisces Sun.

Oscar night happens to be on Riva’s birthday so the Sun will be conjunct her natal Sun and her Jupiter. More importantly, transiting Saturn will be crossing her I.C., one of the important angles of the horoscope. As with Jessica Chastain, this Academy Awards ceremony represents an important turning point in Emmanuelle Riva’s career. Saturn crossing one the angles of the horoscope is sort of like passing “Go” in Monopoly only, instead of collecting two hundred fake dollars, you collect your good and your bad karma.

Which will Riva be collecting? Well, transiting Jupiter will be trine her natal Jupiter and close to a trine with her Sun on Feb. 24, both lucky aspects. I understand that Emmanuelle Riva might be a dark horse in this year’s Oscar contest but the dark horse sometime comes through. The aspects indicate a significant and surprising night for this actress. Regardless of whether she wins or loses, this event is going represent a triumphant summing up for Riva at a very appropriate point in her life and career.

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