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Astrology and the Oscar Race: Part Seven

Though I don’t claim to be an expert when it comes to movies and generally only take a passing interest in who wins Academy Awards, I thought it might be interesting to look at the horoscopes of this year’s Oscar contenders for best actor and best actress.

Jennifer Lawrence has been nominated for her role in Silver Linings Playbook. Over the past few years, Lawrence has been enjoying an incredibly fruitful period in her career. Even though she is only 22, this is already her second Academy Award nomination. In 2010 she was nominated for Winter’s Bone. In between, she starred in the fan favorite Hunger Games.  So this actress is definitely on a winning streak.

As with most of these nominees, we do not have a time of birth for Jennifer Lawrence so we will be looking at a horoscope done for noon. (Click here to see the chart.)

 I’ve written about Lawrence’s chart in a previous article but in this time I’d like to concentrate on the Grand Trine in her chart involving Mercury, Saturn and Mars. (It’s interesting that we saw a similar Grand Trine in the horoscope of Jessica Chastain.) Grand Trines are generally considered lucky and Jennifer Lawrence’s is particular fortunate. It shows us a mind that works quickly and with great precision. If Lawrence wasn’t an actress, she would make a heck of an executive (and still might.) Her mind is restless and inquisitive but, at the same time, practical and grounded in facts.

This is a nice compliment to her Leo Sun. All too often, Leo folks try to get by with just their charm and leave the heavy duty thinking to someone else.  Lawrence is a Leo who's thinking will always be two steps ahead of everyone else’s. This will give her an edge in just about any endeavor.

On Oscar night Jupiter will be trine to Lawrence’s natal Sun so it’s clear that she will enjoy the attention that comes with being a nominee. But transiting Mars will be opposite her natal Mercury that night so she’s not going to like everything that she hears. In fact, she may compound her problems by making some rash or embarrassing statement.

So, is Jennifer Lawrence’s winning streak over? Well, first of all, given her proven talent and the quality of her thinking, this young woman can make her own luck. Without a complete horoscope it’s hard to say more, except that at this year’s award ceremony the aspects (that we can see) are not in her favor.

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