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Astrology and the Oscar Race: Part SixChastain Image

Though I don’t claim to be an expert when it comes to movies and generally only take a passing interest in who wins Academy Awards, I thought it might be interesting to look at the horoscopes of this year’s Oscar contenders for best actor and best actress.

Having gone through the nominees for best actor, let’s now consider the candidates for best actress, starting with Jessica Chastain, nominated for her role in Zero Dark Thirty.


We do not have a birth time for Jessica Chastain so I will be using a horoscope charted for noon on her birthday. (Click here to see the chart.) This horoscope tells us that she is emphatically an Aries, with the Sun, Mercury and Venus is that impulsive and restless sign. Her Moon is either in Taurus of Gemini and she has Mars in sultry Pisces.

The most striking feature in this partial horoscope is the emphasis on Mercury. Mercury is involved in a Grand Trine with Saturn and Neptune and opposite Pluto. This tells us that there is a lot going on “upstairs” with Ms. Chastain. Unlike many Aries people, she doesn’t go blindly forward, always forward. She does a lot of thinking and her thinking is driven both by practical good sense and intuition.

The danger with all this emphasis on Mercury is that, at times, Chastain can do too much thinking. The opposition to Pluto tells us that she can be quite negative and critical, particularly of herself. She can get caught in an intellectual loop in which she bounces back and forth between what her gut is telling her and her carefully thoughtout plans. What can get her out of these ruts, however, are her realism and all that blazing Aries energy.

Chastain will be going through some highly significant aspects on Oscar night. Transiting Saturn will be conjunct her natal Uranus and square her natal Saturn while Neptune will align with her natal Mars. The Saturn aspect to her natal Saturn is particularly important. It is an aspect that often brings major turning points in one’s career. Walking away with a gold statuette would certainly be such a turning point. (I discuss all these Saturn passages at length in my book, Saturn Cycles.)

Of course, Saturn passages are rarely all about victory. Saturn also shows us where we have fallen short, and makes our limitations more apparent. Even if Chastain does win the Academy Award, it will turn out to be a test as much as a triumph.

The conjunction of transiting Neptune to Chastain’s Mars is, I think, a separate issue. Without a complete horoscope it is impossible say exactly what that issue might be but the aspect could signal health concerns or difficulties in relationships. Win or lose, Chastain might need to step away from her career for a time and turn her attention to personal matters.

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