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Astrology and the Oscar Race: Part Three

Though I don’t claim to be an expert when it comes to movies and generally only take a passing interest in who wins Academy Awards, I thought it might be interesting to look at the horoscopes of this year’s Oscar contenders for best actor and best actress.

Previous I considered the horoscopes of Bradley Cooper and Hugh Jackman. Now let’s look at the chart of the guy who seems to be everyone’s pick to win it all, Daniel Day-Lewis.


As with our previous nominees, we do not have a birth time for Daniel Day-Lewis and will be using a chart done for noon on his birthday. (Click here to see this partial horoscope.) In this case, however, the lack of a birth time is particular frustrating. Everything in Day-Lewis chart hangs on the placement of the Moon. In the chart done for noon the Moon forms a dynamic T-square with Neptune and Uranus but if Day-Lewis was born in the evening he could be a New Moon baby, born with the Moon conjunct the Sun. On the other hand, if he was born in the early morning, his Moon would be in Aries.

Without knowing the exact placement of the Moon the most definite thing we can say about Daniel Day-Lewis is that he is very much a Taurus. Even without the Moon in that sign, he has the Sun, Mercury and Venus in Taurus. His is a firm, deliberate and, at times, stolid personality. He will not allow himself to be rushed by circumstances. Nor does he allow circumstances to stop him once he is motion. He is self-sufficient and has strong opinions but he also appreciates peace and cordiality and will rarely initiate a confrontation.

Even though he is considered the favorite to win the best actor award for his performance in Lincoln, Daniel Day-Lewis aspects on Feb. 24 are decidedly mixed. On that night the Moon will fly by the natal position of his Pluto and Saturn will be opposite his natal Venus. These are both aspects that signal disappointment and frustrated desires. On the other hand, the Nodes of the Moon will be exactly aligned with the Lunar nodes in Day-Lewis natal chart. This is a highly significant aspect but it generally has more to do with changes on an internal, spiritual level than professional triumphs.

Of course, having already won the Oscar twice (in 1989 for My Left Foot and in 2007 for There Will be Blood) walking up to the podium to receive his award is just another day at the office for Daniel Day-Lewis. Winning or losing this contest might not represent any major shift in his life or the way he views his career. In others words, the Academy Award may not really matter to him and, in that case, the fact that there are no triumphant aspects in his chart will not matter either.

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