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A Fiscal Cliff-Hangerfiscalcliffimage2

With the two political parties squabbling over the so-called “fiscal cliff” I thought it might be time to look at the what’s going on in the horoscopes of the two men who are facing off in this crisis: President Obama and Speaker of the House, John Boehner.

We’ve discussed the horoscope of Barack Obama several times over the past year. The main thing going on in his chart has been the square aspect between his secondary progressed Mars and his natal Saturn.  As a candidate this aspect sapped Obama’s energy at times when he most needed it (like during his first debate with Mitt Romney) but, overall, he was able to make positive use of the energy of this traditionally bad aspect. It provided the grit and determination Obama needed to survive a long and often vicious political battle and it caused him to focus on long-term planning and political grunt work in his campaign strategy. Obama won the election largely because of careful groundwork his people did early in key districts to motivate his constituency and get out the vote.

In his role as a negotiator, however, this aspect will not be as helpful.  It will make Obama much less flexible than he might otherwise be and more inclined to dig in his heels and wait for the other guy to blink.

Obama's Mars/Saturn square is that it currently on the wane and that its influence is being replaced by a much more positive secondary progressed aspect. Obama’s secondary progressed Sun is moving into a trine with his natal Moon. This aspect will give the President extraordinary confidence and, at the same time, boost his popularity. No matter how the negotiations on the fiscal crisis go, Obama is likely to look like a hero.

We don’t have a complete horoscope for John Boehner but even with a horoscope charted for noon (click here to see the chart) we can see that he is currently experiencing a square aspect between transiting Uranus (Uranus in the sky right now) and his natal Uranus (the position of Uranus on the day he was born.)

This tells us that Boehner is going through a period in which his personal ideals and principles are being severely challenged. Uranus is all about change, but in this configuration we see change demanded of change. With this aspect all the crucial decisions, the inspirational ideas and the key changes that you have previously made in your life and in your thinking are put to the test.

The fact that Speaker Boehner is going through this personal crisis at a time when he is embroiled in finding a way around a major national crisis does not bode well. It is impossible to speak with any degree of certainty without a complete chart, but Boehner’s actions during this period are likely to be unpredictable and erratic.

And then we have the simple fact that Boehner is a Sun sign Scorpio and Obama is a Sun sign Leo. Scorpio and Leo are both Fixed signs and stubbornness is just part of their nature. So, expect the fiscal cliff negotiations to go down to the wire and keep your parachutes handy.