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swiftimageTaylor Swift and the Disagreeable Horoscope

It is next to impossible to find a horoscope in which the Sun, Moon and all of the planets are in agreement. More often than not the horoscope is a circle full of discord with different planets, aspects and house placements arguing ceaselessly with each other. The best we can hope for is to arrive at a compromise on the big issues like work, relationships and family, but this often takes time.

In the horoscope of Taylor Swift the argument seems to begin with the Sun. Swift’s Sagittarian Sun is in direct disagreement with both her Venus in Aquarius and her Mars in Scorpio. This disagreement especially impacts her ability to sustain relationships.

(Click here to see a horoscope for Taylor Swift charted for noon.)

With the Sun in Sagittarius, Swift appreciates spontaneity, open-mindedness and, most of all, the freedom to do exactly what she wants whenever she wants to do it. Sun sign Sagittarians can be quite flirtatious and they love the excitement of a new relationship, but the commitment makes them nervous and displays of heavy duty emotions will send them running for the hills.

This approach is totally out of sync with Swift’s Mars and Venus combination. With Mars in Scorpio, she is a Powerhouse of Passion and her Venus in Aquarius makes her The Extraordinary Powerhouse of Passion. (Click to read about this combination in our Mars/Venus Playbook.)

 With this combination Swift is utterly serious about relationships and has high standards, both in terms of sexual passion and intellectual compatibility. When and if she finds a person who meets those standards, her commitment will be complete and unflinching and she will demand the same kind of commitment in return.

The conflict between this attitude toward relationships and that of her free and easy Sagittarian Sun is obvious. Her Mars/Venus combination longs for just the type of relationship that her Sun sign dreads. So it’s not surprising that Swift has gone through so many high profile romances. Nor is it surprising that she has commemorated some of these failed relationships in her songs, often with a touch of spite. People with Mars in Scorpio are not inclined to forgive and forget.

Thus far Swift’s choice of boyfriends seems to have been guided by the fatal flaw of Venus in Aquarius. She has dated men who express a certain ideal – the teen idol, the rock star, the “Kennedy”. As she matures and as the argument within her horoscope works its way toward a compromise, she will learn how to make better and more profound choices.

So who will be the answer to Taylor Swift’s disagreeing horoscope? It will have to be someone very special; a man strong enough to meet her high intellectual and emotional standards and clever enough to allow her to feel unfettered. This is a tall order and it will take time and a bit of “détente” between the quarreling factions within her horoscope to fulfill it. Meanwhile, she’ll probable going to be writing a lot more songs.

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