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Predicting (or Not Predicting) a Winnerdonkeyelephant

Last May, at the United Astrology Conference in New Orleans, a panel of six astrologers unanimously predicted that Barack Obama would win reelection. I was a little perplexed by this. Months earlier I had compared the horoscopes of Obama and Mitt Romney (who I had assumed would be the Republican nominee) and decided it was just too close to call.

What I saw was that both men had about the same amount of positives and negatives in their charts during the period running up to the election. For example, Barack Obama is dealing with a very difficult secondary progressed Mars square to his natal Saturn, but the North Node of the Moon is near his Midheaven which could mean that he has fate on his side. Mitt Romney has his secondary progressed Sun and Mercury opposite his natal Moon and Jupiter, an aspect that indicates sloppy management and ill-timed remarks. But he is also in the midst of a significant Saturn cycle aspect, a time when many people experience defining victories.

That’s one reason why I have not offered a prediction about the outcome of the election. Another is that I have strong feelings about these candidates and their political agendas and I know my Fire sign personality well enough that I'm fairly sure that those feelings would, one way or another, influence my judgment.

Another reason I have avoided making this prediction is that I firmly believe that, more often than not, what really makes the difference in our lives is not the aspects that are made to our horoscopes, but how we handle those aspects. Adversity can be overcome while opportunities can be missed.  I have no doubt that there is a hidden mechanism a work in our lives that we might call fate, but I also put trust in the concept that, for better and worse, human being will always act like human beings.

One thing I can say with certainty, though, is that whoever wins this election is going to be in for rough four years. The square between transiting Uranus and Pluto is currently on the wane, but it will return in full force in May 2013 and again in October 2013.  The long running aspect between these two planets have already brought us many dire developments. (Tension between Israel and Iran, the Colorado movie theater massacre, the attack the American consulate in Libya to name just a few.) We can count on more of the same, not just next year, but on through 2015.

The fact is that the winner of this election will likely be leading the United States through one of the most perilous and historically significant periods in our history. That’s what astrology assures us with regard to this election. The rest is up to the voters.

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