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Donald Trump and the Neptune Follies

During the Spring of 2011, when Donald Trump was hogging the political stage, demanding President Obama’s birth certificate and making noises about running for President, Neptune was hovering between 29 degree Aquarius and zero degrees of Pisces, close to Trump’s Descendant at 29 degrees of Aquarius (and, of course, opposite his Ascendant.) (Click here to see Trump's horoscope.) After Neptune moved beyond these critical degrees in Trump’s horoscope, he seemed to come to his senses and he eventually endorsed Mitt Romney.

Now Neptune has moved retrograde back to zero degrees of Pisces and a few days ago we saw Trump grabbing the national spotlight with a dreaded “October Surprise” that he promised would derail the Obama campaign for reelection. Of course, the ballyhooed announcement turned out to be just a rehash of the same “birther” malarkey that Trump was putting out in 2011.

So, what’s up with Donald Trump and Neptune?

Neptune transits certainly have a mixed reputation. They are good times for self-examination, quiet withdrawal and spiritual advancement but they also tend be periods during which practical matters suffer due to misjudgments, deception or a lack of commitment. Obviously, Trump made some significant misjudgments when he decided to put himself forth as a possible candidate for president, but shouldn’t he have learned his lesson by now?

Trump’s problem with Neptune is two-fold. First he has Mars within just a few degrees of his Leo Ascendant. This is a great placement for a hard driving businessman. It gives Trump a confident, assertive and occasionally bullying persona. But it is also creates a “full speed ahead” attitude that is hard to turn off. When transiting Neptune comes along with its seductive fog and false hopes, full speed ahead is just not the way to go.

The second problem Donald Trump has with Neptune is the fact that Neptune in his natal horoscope is square his Mercury. Like all square aspects, this one is stressful but not altogether negative. It provides for vision, imagination and a salesman’s gift for promotion. What it doesn’t provide for is detailed analysis or critical thinking. It’s difficult for people with this kind of aspect to make a distinction between the brilliant idea they had yesterday and the perfectly dumb one they had today. And often they waste more time trying to convince the world of the value of that bad idea than they do taking advantage of the brilliant notion.

So, Donald Trump’s horoscope made him the perfect victim when transiting Neptune came calling. Fortunately for Trump, Neptune turns direct in November and will not be bothering him again for some time. There are other, possibly more damaging, aspects coming up for him in December and on through 2013 but an analysis of those aspects will have to wait.

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