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The Trials and Tribulations of Lindsay Lohanlohanimage

Without a time of birth it is hard to say what is going on in the horoscope or the mind of Lindsay Lohan. Her penchant for trouble seems to constantly kept her in the news, with a new problem and a new twist emerging almost every day. Between her own problems with alcohol, drugs and cars and the questionable behavior of her father and mother, Lohan had become a TMZ staple.

What we can say about Lindsay Lohan’s horoscope is that she has an almost exact square between her Mercury and Pluto. (Depending on her birth time, it could be exact.) This aspect typically indicates thinking processes that are clouded and sometimes obstructed by cynicism. It is difficult for a person with this kind of aspect to trust the words and ideas of other people. They are always looking of ulterior motives and deceptions. It also difficult for a person with Mercury square Pluto (particularly this close in aspect) to drop his or her defenses and speak openly about feelings and personal issues.(Click here to see a horoscope for Lohan charted for noon.)

When seen in combination with her sensitive (and occasionally cry-babyish) Cancer Sun sign and her stubborn (and self-indulgent) Taurus Moon, it is easy to see how Lohan could get herself locked in a self-destructive cycle. The close square between her Mercury and Pluto would make it impossible for her to trust help offered from other people and cause her view her circumstances as being much darker than they really are.

There’s good news for Lindsay Lohan, however. Her secondary progressed Sun, which has been passing over her natal Mercury and activating this nasty square for the past couple of years, is now slowly moving away. This should signal a brightening of her outlook and an opportunity to reassess a whole bunch of bad ideas.

The good thing about Mercury square Pluto is that it provides for plenty of mental toughness. It is the aspect of someone who perseveres, who continually defies the odds. This indicates that, no matter what the extent of her present troubles or the difficulties she may face in the future, Lohan is never going to give up on her career or run away from her celebrity. The folks at TMZ and other scandal mongers had better sharpen their pencils (like they even know what a pencil is) and get ready. Lindsay Lohan is going to be around for a while.

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