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The Other Side of Total Recallshriverimage

Over the past couple of weeks Arnold Schwarzenegger has been all over the airways touting his memoir, Total Recall. In my last entry I examined what was going on in his horoscope right now but, since most the discussion involves his separation from Maria Shriver, I can’t help but wonder how she is weathering her husband’s media blitz.

First of all Shriver is a Scorpio by Sun sign and if there’s one thing that Scorpio people cannot abide it having their secrets revealed. With the Moon in Leo, she may understand her estranged husband’s need for show and tell but it’s not going to make her happy. (Click here to see Maria Shriver’s horoscope.)

A look at the transits and secondary progressions for Shriver seems to confirm his displeasure. In fact, these aspects tell us that she is still dealing with events that destroyed her marriage, the same events that Schwarzenegger has been “opening up about” on virtually every talk show going.

When Schwarzenegger’s affair with their housekeeper was revealed, transiting Neptune was just a degree away from a square to Shriver’s Sagittarius Venus. Her Venus is in the 7th House which typically describes a happy marriage but the square to Neptune brought an end to her seemingly perfect partnership. Neptune (at its lowest level) is associated with deceit and scandal. The square aspect describes hard, wrenching changes.

That Neptune aspect is still very active in Shriver’s chart. Neptune has been moving back and forth across the 90 degree aspect through all of 2012 and it will not move past it until January of 2013. So it’s a safe bet that the pain her husband’s scandalous behavior caused Shriver is still fresh.

Another aspect that was impacting Shriver at the time of the breakup of her marriage was the conjunction of her secondary progressed Mars with her natal Saturn in Scorpio. This is an aspect that can manifest in deep and unrelenting feelings of rage. It can also be seen in physical ailments and injuries.

Not long after Schwarzenegger and Shriver announced their separation their son, Christopher Schwarzenegger, was seriously injured in a boogie-boarding accident.  So, instead of manifesting as a physical injury to Shriver, the aspect showed itself through an injury to someone she loved very much. (I’m sure something nasty was going on in Christopher Schwarzenegger’s horoscope as well.)

Aspects involving secondary progressed Mars have a long duration and this one is only now beginning the wane. Its influence will be felt in Shriver’s life well into 2013. It will only be after this aspect has lost its potency that Shriver will be able to truly move on with her emotional life. Maybe then she’ll come out with a book of her own, or maybe not. Like I said, Scorpio’s like to hold on to their secrets.