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Arnold Schwarzenegger's Total Recall

Arnold Schwarzenegger has been making the rounds on talk shows and through other media promoting his new memoir and, in the process, confessing to his past sins. The process whereby celebrities sin and then use the confession of those sins to further market themselves is not new but I thought it would be interesting to look at the astrology of Schwarzenegger’s confession.

First of all, Schwarzenegger is a Leo by Sun Sign with Mercury on his Ascendant and Venus in his 1st House. Not only does he like talking about himself, he can do it with both charm and wit. His Capricorn Moon also plays a part in this. Guilt is a natural condition for Capricorn and people with the Moon in Capricorn prone to beating themselves up. With his Leo Sun, Schwarzenegger has made the process a public event. (Click here to see Schwarzenegger's horoscope.)

Of course, it is Schwarzenegger’s affair with his housekeeper and the dissolution of his storybook marriage to Maria Shriver that gets most of the attention. His oft repeated remorse for the affair is certainly sincere. Schwarzenegger has Venus in Cancer, a Venus sign that values devotion and domesticity in relationships. Unfortunately, his Mars is in restless Gemini which is what led to present situation. (To read about Schwarnegger's Mars/Venus combination, click here.)

There are a couple of things going on in Schwarzenegger’s horoscope right now. One is the passage of the North Node of the Moon over his natal South Node. The Nodes of the Moon are often associated with reincarnation and karma so it is only natural that Schwarzenegger would now be owning up to his failures and trying to set things right. However, since his ex-wife is a Scorpio by Sun Sign, he will probably have to wait until his next life (at least) to be forgiven.

Another interesting thing going on Schwarzenegger’s horoscope right now is the conjunction of his secondary progressed Sun with his natal Neptune. Schwarzenegger’s natal Neptune is in his 4th House, the section associated with the home. One interpretation of this placement would be a home torn apart by a public scandal. So, as Schwarzenagger’s ego (symbolized by the progressed Sun) moves across Neptune’s natal position, the ex-governor is forced to revisit this scandal over and over in interviews.

 Next year, transiting Saturn will square Schwarzenegger’s natal Saturn signaling the beginning of a new chapter in his life. It is appropriate, even wise, that he is spending time now making an assessment of his life and acknowledging his failings. During this upcoming Saturn transit (in February and again in October 2012) it is likely that Schwarzenegger will be given a real opportunity to atone for the errors of his past. Until then, his confessions will no doubt be selling well at your local bookstore.

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