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Barack and his Belegerant Mars

In my last article I talked about one of the aspects that Mitt Romney is dealing with as the election nears. Now let’s consider one of the aspects that currently influence the horoscope of Barack Obama: in particular, the square of his secondary progressed Mars to his natal Saturn.

This is a troublesome aspect describing a period of hard work, frustrated ambitions and tough breaks. Since Saturn is in the 12th House (the house of secret enemies and hospitalization) and Mars in at the outer edge of the 8th House (often associated with death) the aspect also hints at a threat his Obama’s physical well-being. (Click here to see Barack Obama's horoscope.)

Thus far, we can see the manifestation of this hard luck aspect in Obama’s struggle to sell his presidency in the midst of a poor economy and high unemployment. It is certainly not an easy task. We can also see this Mars to Saturn influence in the decision of the Obama camp to launch an early and aggressively negative campaign against his opponent, Mitt Romney. When you bring Saturn and Mars together in a hard aspect you get a hard-nosed, militant, take-no-prisoners attitude. Many have been critical of Obama’s negative ads but he offers no apologies.

As I said in the previous article, people react to astrological influences in different ways. President Obama could have allowed himself to be stymied by the bleak economic situation he faced but, instead, he got tougher and fought harder. He has adopted Mars/Saturn means to overcome a Mars/Saturn situation.

At the same time that Obama’s secondary progressed Mars squares his natal Saturn, it forms a sextile aspect to his natal Uranus. The sextile is a mildly positive connection and might not be that important if it weren’t for the fact that Uranus in on the cusp of the 7th House.

The 7th House is the house of partnership but it is also associated with open enemies. Obama’s most open enemy right now is, of course, Mitt Romney. It has often been stated by both political pundits and late night comedians that the Presidents most effective weapon in the campaign has been the gaffs of his opponent.

Even though the polls show Obama with a slight lead, it is not going to be easy for him to win reelection with this burdensome Mars/Saturn aspect hanging over his head. And he can’t count on the sextile aspect to Uranus to continually bail him out. The key will be his ability to find something positive in this extremely negative aspect. We might search the President’s horoscope for indications of his ability or inability to do this but, in the final analysis, the difference will be made by him alone.