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Mitt and His Mad, Mad Mercurymitt romney

One of the problems with trying to predict the future with astrology is that not everyone reacts to astrological influences in the same way. A stressful aspect that might overwhelm one person could inspire another to work harder. A positive aspect that could represent a golden opportunity for one individual could become a wasted opportunity for another. And when the aspects are mixed, some people managed to accent the positive while others continually stumble over the negative.

As we near Election Day, both Mitt Romney and Barack Obama are dealing with a wide variety of transiting and secondary progressed aspects. One of the closest at the moment for Romney is the opposition of his secondary progressed Mercury to his natal Moon and Jupiter.(Click here to see Mitt Romney's horoscope.)

The meaning of this aspect is mixed. The conjunction of the Moon and Jupiter in Mitt Romney’s horoscope is one of the most fortunate connections in the chart. It provides for buoyant optimism, self-confidence and charm. The fact that progressed Mercury is activating this conjunction is good. It could help bring out the positive qualities of these two bodies. But the aspect Mercury makes is stressful and could also have very negative connotations.

Over the past couple of weeks we’ve seen plenty of that negativity. After the tragedy in Libya, Romney issued an ill-advised statement that misconstrued the facts. Mercury rules communication and one of Jupiter negative qualities is a tendency to say too much without adequate preparation. Then there was the revelation of his famous remarks concerning the “47 per cent”. When Mercury aspects the Moon you say what you feel but if the aspect is a stressful one (and blabber-mouthed Jupiter is involved) you say it louder than you ought to.

Of course, Romney’s confidence and charm were also brought to the fore by this aspect, only now he has been forced to use these laudable qualities for damage control. Another more positive manifestation of this opposition is the release of some of his tax records. (Mercury again symbolizes communication while the Moon represents personal information.) But, given Romney’s continued reluctance to release his tax returns from the Bain years, this positive is not likely to overcome the previous negatives.

The point is that this ratio of positive to negative could have been reversed. In fact, it still can be reversed. This secondary progressed aspect will continue to be a factor until well after the election and Romney could use that energy to communicate his humanity, his religious convictions and the essential benevolence of his Jupiter. My own guess is that Romney will not be able to reverse this trend and that we can expect more spurious and self-defeating statements from his camp. But that’s just my guess. The only person is a position to make the final determination is Mitt Romney.

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