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Oh, Look! A Naked Duchess!

In an era in which sexualized images are pitched at us from every direction, it’s hard to believe that the sight of one woman’s bare bosom could garner more than a passing glance. But people always will strain to see whatever it is that they are not supposed to see and, apparently, the breasts of the Duchess of Cambridge (otherwise known as Kate Middleton) fit into that category.

Astrologically, the flap over the photos taken of Middleton while she and her husband were sunbathing in France provides us with a good example of how different factors in the natal horoscope can conflict with one another. Middleton is Capricorn by Sun sign with the Moon in Cancer. (Click here to see a horoscope of the Duchess of Cambridge charted for noon.) This is a very conservative combination. And yet, she has Venus in Aquarius, a sign that is much more inclined to take risks and delight in the unconventional.

At the time the photos were taken, Middleton’s natal Venus was being aspected by transiting Uranus, the ruler of Aquarius. The aspect was a sextile, a positive but not particularly powerful connection. This Uranus aspect was just enough to cause Middleton to take risks, particularly risks pertaining to her sexuality and femininity that she otherwise might never have taken. Certainly she didn’t expect to be photographed but she had to know, after the experiences of female celebrities ranging from Jackie Onassis to her late mother-in-law, Princess Di, that the possibility was there.

Once the photographs were published, of course, the influence of Uranus was forgotten. To her Capricorn Sun the photographs represented a violation of the rules. To her sensitive Cancer Moon, they were a violation of a much more personal nature. It’s not surprising that she turned to the legal system for a remedy. Capricorns tend to be merciless and litigious when offended. Of course, given the reach of the internet, the injunctions placed against the publishers will not stop the images from being seen.

As embarrassing and infuriating as this current crisis may be for the Duchess and her family, things will get worse. Next year transiting Uranus will oppose Middleton’s natal Mars. At the same time, Pluto (which will be continuing its long square aspect to transiting Uranus) will be square her Mars. This will be an extremely stressful period for her and it will continue, in one form or another, through the entire year of 2013. We can be fairly certain that by the end of this long transit Middleton will be able to look back on the present situation as a minor irritation.

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