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Ryan Reynolds and Blake Livelyreynoldsandlively

The recent marriage of Ryan Reynolds to Blake Lively surprised some people. Let’s look at a Mars and Venus Compatibility Analysis of their relationship.

Ryan Reynolds born Oct. 23, 1976 in Vancouver, Canada— Mars in Scorpio with Venus in Sagittarius, The Inquiring Powerhouse of Passion

Blake Lively born August 25, 1987 in Los Angeles, California— Mars in Virgo with Venus in Virgo, The Most Basic Lover

His Venus in Sagittarius with Her Venus in Virgo
Relationship between Zodiac Signs—Square (Implies conflict)
For her love is a physical matter, decided between the sheets and by agreement on practical issues. He is looking for a thunderbolt of amorous inspiration. Fidelity will not be easy for either of them.
Love Factor (1 to 10) = 2

His Mars in Scorpio with Her Mars in Virgo
Relationship between Zodiac Signs—Sextile (implies cooperation)
She is a realist when it comes to sex. He is naturally cautious. She benefits from his strength and sense of purpose. The simplicity and directness of her approach will keep him from getting caught up in her own emotional loops. Lots of sex, very little talk.
Lust Factor (1 to 10) = 8

His Mars in Scorpio with Her Venus in Virgo
Relationship between Zodiac Signs –Sextile (implies cooperation)
To him she appears well-grounded and uncomplicated, an antidote for his obsessive tendencies. She gets caught up in the emotive power of his passion.  She keeps him sane. He keeps her busy.
 Love Factor (1 to 10) = 9
Lust Factor (1 to 10) = 9

His Venus in Sagittarius with Her Mars in Virgo
Relationship between Zodiac Signs – Square (Implies conflict)
At some level, he will be turned off by her directness with regard to the physicality of sex. She will be frustrated his tendency to play around the edges of sensuality without really committing himself. She’s all about the act. He’s all about the anticipation.
Love Factor (1 to 10) = 4
Lust Factor (1 to 10) = 2

Total Love Factor (1 to 30) = 15
Total Lust Factor (1 to 30) = 19

Mars and Venus Summary

The low scores on this combination are a little deceiving. Even without a birth time for either, we can see several positive connections between these two charts. Still, there are some real problems with this relationship. On a purely sexual level, it works well. Her earthy Virgo nature (Lively is also a Virgo by Sun sign) and his Scorpio placements seem made for each other. But on an emotional level, his expectations are much more complex and nuanced than hers. With Mars in Scorpio (and a Scorpio Sun) he is looking for a relationship that can become the center of his life and yet leaves him free to flirt with other possibilities. Her attitude toward romance doesn’t allow for such contradictions.

The main problem in this relationship is that both parties are easily distracted. In this regard, she will be more likely to roam than him, but neither will offer much resistance to the temptations that are certain to come their way. If this relationship endures it will be because of factors other than sexual and romantic compatibility.

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Note: The Mars and Venus Compatibility Analysis addresses only how you and your significant other relate on a sexual and romantic level. True compatibility involves the total personality and, in order to measure it, it is necessary to examine the complete horoscope of both individuals.