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prince harry
What’s so Good about "Good" Aspects?

A while back I wrote an article titled “What’s so Bad about Bad Aspects.” In that article I considered the many “bad” aspects in the horoscope of Queen Elizabeth II and how they have contributed to the strength of her character. Now let’s take a look at the “good” aspects in the horoscope of her grandson, Prince Henry.

Prince Harry (as he is known in the press) has a horoscope loaded with sextiles and trines, aspects which traditionally bestow good fortune. The only stressful aspects in his chart are a square between his Mercury and Uranus and a couple of wide squares to his Sun.. The closest aspects included a trine between Mercury and Jupiter and a close trine between the Sun and Moon. He also has a close sextile between Mars and Venus. (Click here to see Prince Harry's horoscope.)

Harry’s penchant for bad behavior has long been a source of delight for the British and US tabloids. From accusations of cheating and marijuana use while was in school, to wearing a Nazi uniform to a costume party, to his recent nude partying in Las Vegas, the prince has shown a remarkable capacity for mischief.

Some of this errant thinking can be attributed to the closest bad aspect in Prince Harry’s horoscope, Mercury square Uranus. This aspect provides for a restless and rebellious mind that resists convention and the dictates of authority. But the good aspect to Mercury also contributes. For someone with Mercury trine Jupiter no idea can be too wild or over-the-top.

But it isn’t the attributes of individual aspects and sign placements that make these easy horoscopes so troublesome. It’s the fact that, more often than not, people with a predominance of trines and sextile in their charts don’t have to pay for their bad behavior.  Blame doesn’t stick to these people and they are often able to elude what others might consider just punishment for their unwise decisions.

This seems to true of the prince. Thus far, Harry’s popularity with the British people has not suffered because of his troubles. There is even some conjecture that he benefited from his indecent exposure in Las Vegas. Harry had been trying to persuade his family to allow him to return to Afghanistan with his army unit but the government was concerned about the danger he would be in. Immediately after the Las Vegas incident, however, Harry got his wish.

People with an overdose of “good” aspects are typically a bit behind the curb when it comes to maturity. However, at some point they do put aside their childish ways. Prince Harry is a Sun sign Virgo with the Moon in Capricorn. He is basically a practical person with a strong sense of duty and a desire to be of service to others.

Prince Harry is still a year away from his first Saturn return. After this occurs in September 2013, I think we’ll see more of these positive qualities. People with this kind of easy horoscope may lack the deep wisdom that comes from suffering through adversity but they also are less likely to be burdened by bitterness and guilt. They are able to hold on the hopefulness of youth far into their old age, which might be the greatest good fortune of all.