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Britney Spears: To Wed or Not to Wedspearandtrawick

About eight months ago I did an article on Britney Spears’ engagement. I pointed out that the announcement followed an astrological pattern similar to her last engagement to Kevin Federline. That engagement was announced short after Saturn squared her natal Saturn. Her resent engagement to Jason Trawick was announced shortly after Saturn made its return to her natal Saturn.(Click here to see Britney Spears' horoscope.)

Of course, now the wedding has been postponed and people are beginning to wonder if Spears isn’t getting cold feet. Right now Saturn is moving away from a square to her natal Venus, an indication that she is looking at her romantic life with a more critical eye. This would a challenging time for any relationship but the fact that her engagement to Trawick has thus far survived this difficult period can be taken as a good sign.

In Spears’ natal chart Venus is square Pluto. This aspect describes an explosive mix of love and power. As a conservator of Spears’ business affairs, Trawick already holds a great deal of power within their relationship. On the other hand, some might say that Spears’ celebrity gives her the advantage. It may be that Spears is hesitating to approach the altar because she is concerned about how marriage will impact this balance of power. It is interesting that she has recently sought to have this conservatorship ended.

There is also the possibility that what we are seeing is simply a person born with the Sun in Sagittarius, acting like a Sagittarius. Sagittarius is traditionally known as the bachelor sign. Sagittarius people often shy away from marriage or any big commitment. They don’t like feeling tied down and phrases like “till death do us part” make them claustrophobic. Of course, every day Sagittarians manage to overcome this phobia and tie the knot. Britney Spears may do the same very soon, but on her own schedule.

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