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kutcherimageMars/Venus Couples: Part Two

I thought it might be interesting to do a Mars and Venus Compatibility Analysis for some couples that are currently in the news.

This time let’s check out Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis, two people who are both bouncing back from long standing relationships that recently ended.

Ashton Kutcher, born Feb. 7, 1978 with Mars in Cancer and Venus in Aquarius: The Heady Homebody.  (To see a horoscope for Ashton Kutcher charted for noon, click here.)

Mila Kunis, born Aug. 14, 1982, Chernivtsi, Ukraine with Mars in Leo and Venus in Virgo: The Maestro of Mundane Pleasure. (To see a horoscope for Mila Kunis charted for noon, click here.)kunisimage

His Venus in Aquarius with her Venus in Virgo
Relationship between Zodiac Signs— Quincunx (implies lack of common ground)

He takes an intellectual approach to romance. She is a realist. He will often find her view of love narrow and overly physical. She will wonder why he seems more interested in thinking about love and talking about love than in making love. On the positive side, his certainty will make her feel more secure, at least for a while.
Love Factor (1 to 10) = 3

His Mars in Cancer with Her Mars in Leo
Relationship between Zodiac Signs— Semi-sextile (implies a lack of common ground)
On a sexual level he is much needier than she is. She will appreciate this to a certain extent. It will make her feel strong and heroic. But she will not understand his intensely emotional reaction to sex and, in the long run, she will not be able to provide the constant attention and mothering he requires.
Lust Factor (1 to 10) = 4

His Mars in Cancer with Her Venus in Virgo
Relationship between Zodiac Signs –Sextile (implies cooperation)
Both these people know that it is the little things that sustain a relationship. She will find direction and comfort his protective emotionality while he will value her practicality and earthy approach to love. Each is capable of being a helpmate to the other.
Love Factor (1 to 10) = 7
Lust Factor (1 to 10) = 8

His Venus in Aquarius with Her Mars in Leo
Relationship between Zodiac Signs –Opposition (implies both attraction and resistance)
These two people can learn a lot from each other. She can teach him that love is specific; that it is about making the other person feel as special as you feel you are. He can teach her that sex has to reach farther that the ego; that it has to captivate the mind and enlighten the soul. This relationship can give them both a chance to grow but only if they are both willing learn.
Love Factor (1 to 10) = 8
Lust Factor (1 to 10) = 7

Total Love Factor (1 to 30) = 18
Total Lust Factor (1 to 30) = 19

Mars and Venus Summary

This relationship is another an example of the “opposites attract principle.” Kutcher was born with the Sun in Aquarius and Kunis is a Leo by Sun sign so, even without Mars and Venus, there is a great deal of tension drawing these people together and the same time pushing them apart.

This is dicey situation. The Mars and Venus score are not that high so, on the romantic and sexual level, the relationship is vulnerable. However, Kutcher has his Mars, his Sun and possibly his Moon opposite by aspect to Kunis’ Sun so the affinity between these two people goes farther than sex. To know exactly how much farther we would need a complete horoscope for each and we do not have that.

Much depends on how willing each is to learn from the other. Relationships between opposites is challenging because, in order for them to work, both parties have to be willing to give ground. This is particularly difficult for Fixed signs like Aquarius and Leo. However, the rewards of such a relationship can be spectacular.  The couple can become a great team, each with strengths that make up for the deficiencies in the other.

Remember, a Mars and Venus Compatibility Analysis only gives us general information on how individuals in a relationship relate to one another on a romantic and sexual level. For a deeper and more specific analysis of compatibility we need to compare the complete horoscopes (charted for the day time and place of birth) of both parties.

If you would like to purchase a Mars and Venus Analysis of your relationship, please see our ad on the home page

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