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A Quick Look at the Horoscope of Paul Ryan: Part Two

The announcement that Paul Ryan was chosen as Mitt Romney's running mate came at an auspicious time in Ryan’s horoscope. First of all, the North Node of the Moon is moving across his Ascendant in Sagittarius. (Click here to see the horoscope of Paul Ryan.) This indicates that this is particularly “fateful” time in Ryan’s life and that karma is somehow involved in his rise to national prominence.

Then we have Saturn. Right now Saturn and Mars are close to his Moon indicating that the sudden launch into the spotlight has been personally wrenching, but in October transiting Saturn will oppose his natal Saturn. This is an important juncture in cycle of Saturn.

 No matter how the election turns out, Ryan will have the opportunity to advance his career and his public image. Of course, he will also have the opportunity to severely damage his career. It all depends on the choices Ryan makes and the lessons he’s learned or failed to learn since his last Saturn transit. (You can read more about Saturn in my book Saturn Cycles: Mapping Changes in Your Life.)

The current square between Uranus and Pluto is also impacting Ryan’s chart. Transiting Uranus is opposite his natal Uranus and Pluto is square. These aspects will stimulate the strident revolutionary within Ryan’s Aquarius personality and could cause him to push too hard impose his own extremely conservative views onto the Republican platform.

Ryan’s secondary progressions affirm these radical tendencies. His secondary progressed Mars and his secondary Saturn are opposite his natal Jupiter. Ryan is in a period of his life in which moderation is difficult. He feels the power of his beliefs and he is prepared to fight for them. Ryan’s secondary progressed Venus is conjuncting his natal Mars so there could be problems involving women, either as specific individuals or generally as voters.

Ryan’s secondary progress Moon strikes a more positive note. It is currently crossing his Descendant and entering his 7th House, a good omen for a man seeking to connect with the public.

Overall, I think these aspects show us that Ryan will be getting a lot of attention during this election, more than the typical nominee for vice presidential candidate. He’s not going to hedge on his beliefs, no matter how much they may startle some voters. Whether his presence of the Republican ticket will be a positive or a negative remains to be seen, but he will certainly make the proceeding more interesting.

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