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A Quick Look at the Horoscope of Paul Ryanryanimage

In choosing Paul Ryan as his running mate Mitt Romney certainly didn’t surprise anyone. The seven term congressman and rising star in the Republican Party has long been considered among the front runners for this position. Still, the choice has generated much excitement both among conservatives, who see him as the bona fide budget cutter that Romney is not, and Democrats who see him as living proof of how far out of line the right wing of the Republican Party is with the rest of country.

Thanks to Patrick Watson on The Political Astrology Blog we have a birth time for Paul Ryan. (Click here to see Paul Ryan’s chart and birth data.) Let’s take a quick look.

Astrologically, Ryan has something in common with the last two Republican nominees for Vice President. Like Dick Cheney and Sarah Palin, he has the Sun in Aquarius. Moreover, Ryan was born with Uranus, the ruler of Aquarius in a close trine with his Sun. So the Aquarian impetus to overthrow the existing order and find new, revolutionary solutions to old problems is doubly emphasized in his horoscope.

Ryan’s career has already shown some of these Uranus qualities. He was elected to congress at the age of 28. He quickly distinguished himself as a fiscal conservative and his 2011 budget proposal featured several radical elements, including the privatization of Medicare.

Another remarkable feature of Ryan’s horoscope is the nearly exact conjunction of his Ascendant with Neptune at zero degree Sagittarius. Among other things, this makes Ryan the first national political figure from the Neptune in Sagittarius generation, a generation noted for its religious activism. (See my article, Keepers of the Faith: The Neptune in Sagittarius Generation for more.) Ryan is a Catholic and opposed to abortion and gay marriage.

Of course, on a personal level, Neptune has several attributes that are decidedly less churchy. With Neptune, nothing is quite what it seems. When Neptune is emphasized (as it is in Ryan’s chart) it often indicates poor judgment, illusionary goals and deception.

Bill Clinton has Neptune in the 1st House conjunct his Mars. Ryan’s 1st House Neptune is trine his Mars. It’s unlike that Ryan’s Neptune in idealistic Sagittarius will err in the same titillating way that Clinton’s Neptune in amorous Libra did, but this placement does indicate that there are significant things about Ryan personality and life that are hidden behind a veil of secrecy and illusion.

In my next entry I will look at the current transits and progression that are impacting Ryan’s horoscope.

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