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The Flying Squirrel Turns Out to be a Fishy Goatgdouglasimage

Despite her recent loss in the uneven bars, American gymnast Gabrielle Douglas has provided this year’s Olympic competition with some of its most magical moments. This amazing youngster has not only won the hearts of folks in the USA, she has made Olympic history by becoming the first African-American to win in the all round gymnastics event.

Douglas’ birth time is unknown at this time (click here to see a horoscope for Gabrielle Douglas charted for noon) but we do know that she has the Sun and four planets in Capricorn. Capricorn people are winners. They are not winners because they relish competition (like Aries) or because they have huge egos (like Leo). Capricorn people win because they recognize that victory is not achieved in one grand, inspired sweep; it is the final product of long term planning and lots of hard work.

Most people know how Gabby Douglas left her home in Virginia Beach, VA to live in Iowa so that she would be able to train with the best gymnastic coach in the world. That is the kind of determination we expect from Capricorn. Capricorn’s understand that success requires discipline, personal sacrifice and putting aside emotional needs. She was fortunate is that she was able to bond with her host family in Des Moines but my guess is that Douglas would have excelled even if she hadn’t.

One of the issues with Douglas early on in her career was her lack of focus. Her Mars is in a close conjunction with Neptune so this is not surprising. Neptune can lead Mars to waste precious energy on illusions and false expectations. But both these planets are in Capricorn and, on the big stage of the Olympics, Mars in Capricorn was all about the business at hand.

It would be nice if we could pin point the transiting or progressed aspects that were in force during Douglas’ gold metal run but, without a birth time, this is impossible. With Capricorn, however, the moment of victory is not always the salient moment. The key moment is going to be that instant when the Capricorn person recognizes his or her and begins the long climb to accomplish it. We don’t have enough information about Gabby Douglas’ past to know when that moment occurred but we can see the results, in gold.