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A Grand Trine

                  Starring Tom Cruisecruiseimage

The recent split between Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes and the issues it raises with regard to Cruise’s allegiance to Scientology gives us an opportunity to talk about Jupiter and Neptune. Even though we do not have a birth time for Tom Cruise, it is certain that his horoscope contains a Grand Trine featuring those two planets and his Sun in Cancer. (Click here to see a horoscope for Tom Cruise charted for noon.)

A Grand Trine is a connection between three planets, each being about 120 degrees away from the other two. When diagramed on the horoscope wheel it looks like an equilateral triangle drawn inside the circle. The Grand Trine is typically considered a very positive aspect, although I’ve also seen it described as a “closed circuit.” In other words, the person with the Grand Trine feels so confident and experiences such good luck that he or she doesn't need the approval of other people.

Tom Cruise’s Grand Trine locks his Sun, the source of his vitality and identity, into a circuit with Jupiter and Neptune. One thing Jupiter and Neptune have in common is their association with religion. Jupiter rules religion as an institution and a social force. Neptune has to do with the mystical, experiential side of religion; the sense religion can give us of being a part of a greater reality. This Grand Trine shows us that both of these approaches to the religious experience are crucial to Cruise sense of self.

Of course, Cruise is well known for his vocal and sometimes contentious supporter of Scientology. It is also rumored that it was Cruise’s attempts to impose his faith on Holmes and their child that led to her filing for divorce.
One problem with Cruise’s Grand Trine is the fact that it involves the three Water Signs: Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces. Cruise relates to the teachings of the Scientology in an extremely personal and subjective manner. This Grand Trine doesn’t necessarily make him a fanatic but he can’t help but view any challenge to his beliefs as a threat to his security and emotional well-being.

The Church of Scientology was formed around 60 years ago by a hack science fiction and self-help book writer named L. Ron Hubbard and many people question its standing as a religious institution. But faith is always more about the faithful than the object of their belief. Cruise believes what he believes intensely and without reference to the opinions of other people (the “closed circuit.) The fact that his faith has put an end his third marriage is not likely to change his mind.


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