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kanyekimimageKim Kardashian and Kanye West

Like a lot of people, I was dubious when Kanye West and Kim Kardashian began their much publicized relationship. Given the history of these two people, it seemed likely that the whole affair was just another publicity stunt.  However, I may have been wrong. Time has passed and Kardashian and West are still a couple. So, I’ve decided to do a Mars/Venus Compatibility Analysis on these two. Keep in mind that this profile considers only the combination of their Mars and Venus signs and is based on a partial horoscope charted for noon on their birth date. Still, I think it is quite interesting. (Two see West's and Kardashian's charts done for noon, click here.)

Kanye West-- born June 8, 1977 in Atlanta, GA.  Mars in Taurus with Venus in Taurus.
The Complete Sensualist

Kim Kardashian-- born Oct 21, 1980, Los Angeles, CA, Mars in Sagittarius with Venus in Virgo
The Lascivious Love Child


His Venus in Taurus with Her Venus in Virgo

Relationship between Zodiac Signs – Trine (implies cooperation)
Both of these people take a practical approach to love. The relationship has to make sense, it has to have a real world pay off.  Here, the romantic attachment has more to do with sex than pretty ideals or intellectual affinity. She appreciates his directness and earthiness while he is comfortable with her lack of sentimentality.  
Love Factor (1 to 10) = 10


His Mars in Taurus with Her Mars in Sagittarius

Relationship between Zodiac Signs – quincunx (implies a lack of common ground)
She will be put off by the strength and pure physicality of his sexual demands. She will often find him crude while he will be perplexed and irritated by her skittish sexuality and her lack of consistency. This combination can only work if she finds direction and comfort in the certainty of his physical drive.
Lust Factor (1 to 10) = 4

His Mars in Taurus with Her Venus in Virgo

Relationship between Zodiac Signs –trine (implies cooperation)
Both parties have a down-to-earth approach to sex and love. She understands his sensuality and is able to respond in kind even though she lacks his intensely physical sex drive. He understands her practical approach to relationships and is willing to be guided by her intelligence and planning. They both understand that a strong relationship is the product of shared goals and priorities.
Love Factor (1 to 10) = 10
Lust Factor (1 to 10) = 9

His Venus in Taurus with her Mars in Sagittarius

Relationship between Zodiac signs – quincunx (implies a lack of common ground)
He needs stability and consistency in his relationships much more than she does. Initially, he may find her fun-loving, restless attitude exciting but, over time, he is looking for something more conventional and cozy. She will feel constrained by his stolid predictability and may object to the essential narcissism of his sexuality
Love Factor (1 to 10) = 2
Lust Factor (1 to 10) = 4

Total Love Factor (1 to 30) = 22
Total Lust Factor (1 to 30) = 15

Summary—The key of this relationship will be her willingness to compromise her independence and restless nature to accommodate his need for stability. The physical attraction between these two people is undeniable and they are united by an earthy and thoroughly realistic approach to love and sex. However, the relationship could stumble over the long term either because she begins to feel confined or he begins to doubt her loyalty. Other connections between the horoscopes might mollify these problems but we would need a birth time in order to determine this.

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