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Saturn Turns Direct176px-official portrait of barack obama

Yesterday, on June 25, Saturn turned direct. That means that Saturn ceased its retrograde motion (relative to the Earth) and began moving forward again. This is good news for people with planets in the late degrees of Libra. Saturn will be making one last, quick pass over them and then, in October, it leaves Libra and enters Scorpio.

One person who might want to take moment to celebrate this planetary turn is President Barack Obama. As I have noted in previous articles, he is in the midst one of the steps of his lifelong Saturn cycle, with transiting Saturn squaring his natal Saturn at 25degrees20 of Capricorn. This is an extremely challenging transit and Mr. Obama is nearing the end of it.(Click here to see Barack Obama's horoscope.)

The period during which Saturn has been retrograde has been particularly grueling for Obama. In February, when Saturn turned retrograde the economy seemed to be improving, the Republicans were warring among themselves and the outlook for Obama winning a second term looked rosy. Now, just a few months of retrograde Saturn later, the economy seems stalled and the crisis in Europe threatens to drag it down even more. Meanwhile, democrats are beginning to concede that Obama could be beaten in November.

Another factor is a decision that Obama made as Saturn made its retrograde contact with his natal Saturn. That decision, to openly come out in favor of gay marriage, was certainly a courageous one but many feel it could have a negative impact on his bid for reelection.

I think that Saturn turning direct will be a positive influence for Obama. He will still be dealing with a difficult secondary progress aspect (progressing Mars square natal Saturn) and events in August ( when transiting Saturn makes its last square to his natal Saturn) will be crucial, but there should be an increased perception that Obama (and perhaps the country) is moving forward.

Meanwhile, Saturn (being a non-partisan planet) has not forgotten about Mitt Romney. In October, just before the election, Saturn will square Romney’s natal Saturn in Leo. It will be his turn to be faced with “make-or-break” decisions and personal challenges.