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When Sexy Turns Sour

Compatibility studies can be a treacherous business. There are so many factors to consider and any one of them can ruin what might otherwise be a harmonious relationship.

The horoscopes of Taylor Swift and John Mayer provide us with a good example of this. At first glance these two charts seem to work well together. Mayer’s Libra Sun is a good fit with Swift’s Sagittarius Sun and Venus in Aquarius. More importantly, they both have Mars in Water signs: Mayer in Cancer and Swift in Scorpio. This indicates an immediate and powerful sexual affinity. If I were doing a Mars/Venus Compatibility Analysis of this couple I would rate this combination of Mars signs a big 10.johnmayerimage

Of course, the combination of Mars signs is only one part of that product. At the end of the analysis I do an overview of Mars and Venus and look for problems that might not show in the comparisons of signs. This is often where things often get interesting and, in the case of Swift and Mayer, this is certainly the case. Click here to see the horoscopes of Swift and Mayer charted for noon.

Taylor Swift’s Scorpio Mars and John Mayer’s Cancer Mars aren’t just is signs that trine. They are in an almost exact trine (120 degree) aspect. This intensifies the sexual attraction between the two tremendously but when you get that kind of intensity with Water Signs, the situation can quickly become volatile.

On top of this, Swift’s Mars is also is a close square with Mayer’s Saturn. Aspects to Saturn in a chart comparison generally imply that one person sees the other as an authority figure or that one partner is significantly older than the other. This seems to be the case in the Mayer-Swift relationship. Reportedly, Mayer broke it off because he felt Swift was too young.

But, even though the relationship had ended, the intensity of that Mars attraction was still there. And when Mars isn’t ruling physical passion, it is the planet of hot, righteous anger. So we get Swift attacking Mayer in a song, something she has done with several former beaus (Mars in vindictive Scorpio,) and Mayer complaining that her account of his behavior was not “fair” (a major gripe for Libras.)

It’s difficult to say how long this feud will last. After all, both parties are successful and attractive and obviously had many other options. Still, given this powerful Mars connection between their charts, it wouldn’t be surprising if it did flare up again. It also wouldn’t be surprising, given that connection, if Mayer and Swift got back together at some point. Love (and Mars) works in mysterious ways.

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