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Charlie Sheen Revisitedcharlie sheen

A while back I wrote an article (Progressing Charlie Sheen) in which I examined the horoscope of Charlie Sheen. I focused on some rather difficult secondary progressions that coincided with his termination from Three and a Half Men and the bizarre behavior that followed. These progressed aspects will continue to dominate his horoscope for the next several years. (Click here to see a Sheen's natal chart with his secondary progressions in the outer circle.)

Now Sheen is back in the public eye as he gets set to start a new sit com. This seems like a positive time for Sheen and it should be. Transiting Jupiter (Jupiter in the sky right now) is crossing his Ascendant. This is a joyful connection that provides for extraordinary self-confidence and public acceptance. However, it is not a long lasting aspect. By the time Sheen’s new show airs, Jupiter will have moved away from his Ascendant.

Fortunately for Sheen, this Jupiter transit has support from his secondary progressed chart. His progressed Sun is trine his natal Jupiter and will remain in this favorable aspect for about a year. This would indicate that Sheen’s new venture will be a success or, at least, that he will have temporary reasons to feel good about himself.

Unfortunately for Sheen, the difficult secondary progressions I wrote about in my previous article remain in play. There are issues in Sheen’s emotional life that no amount of professional success can ameliorate. Unless Sheen is prepared to use this positive period to address these issues he will eventually resume his downhill slide.

In August, 2012, the South Node of the Moon will move across Sheen’s Gemini Ascendant. Not a whole lot has been written about this transit but it should be a time during which we make peace with what fate has given us. It could also be a scary time when we have to face the truth about where we are and where we aren't in terms of our spiritual journey. This could represent a turning point for Charlie Sheen. We will have to wait and see how he uses it.

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