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Hard Times for Lady Gagagagaimage

This is a rough period for people with the stuff in the early degrees of Aries.  Uranus will be moving through these degrees for the next couple of years bringing abrupt and revolutionary changes to the lives of these folks while Pluto will be squaring the same degrees from its place in Capricorn, providing plenty of drama and heavy, transformative calamities.

One celebrity who is in for a strong dose of Uranus and Pluto is Lady Gaga. Uranus is moving across her Sun and her Venus and will continue to do so for the rest of this year. Pluto will be square her Sun and Venus, off and on, through early 2013.

Since Lady Gaga has Uranus square her Sun and Venus in her natal chart (no surprise there,) the conjunction with transiting Uranus will only make the non-conformist tendencies of Uranus more pronounced.  We can expect Lady Gaga’s defiance of convention to become more strident and more explosive during this period.

Having the Pluto aspect hitting at the same time indicates that these departures from norm will be met with an equal amount of oppression. The cancelation of her concert tour in Indonesia due to threats made by Moslem extremist is evidence of this. She will find herself stymied by powers beyond her control just when she most feels the need to assert her independence. This could be a dangerous combination.

Astrodatabank has a complete horoscope for Lady Gaga.  However, the source of the birth time is a twitter message. Not to sound like Donald Trump, but I would like to see something more official. For what it's worth, this birth time places Gaga’s natal Sun and Venus in the 10th House of career. If this is true then the manifestations of these transits should involve her public image and be highly visible. In any case, this will not be a easy year for the singer.


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