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Saturn Pays a Call on Courtney Loveloveimage

Despite the fact that she has both the Sun and the Moon in Cancer, Courtney Love’s private life has never been particularly private. From the tragic death of her husband, Kurt Cobain, to her well-documented drug addition and, more recently, her estrangement from her daughter and twitter rants, Love has become a fixture of celebrity gossip. And that is not likely to change considering what is going on in her horoscope right now.

Love is in the midst of an important Saturn transit. Saturn is currently moving back and forth across her Ascendant. The last contact will be in September of this year. When Saturn conjuncts the natal Ascendant it is time in our lives when we must figure out who we really are, a time when we must come to gribs, for better or worse,with  how we are perceived by the world.

Anytime Saturn crosses one of the angles of the horoscope (the Ascendant, I.C., Descendant or M.C.) it is a time to make decisions and to face the consequences of bad decisions we have made in the past. We are challenged, called out and forced to make choices. Whether or not they are positive choices is totally up to us.

Love is obviously in the midst of this process right now. You’ve got to know you’re getting a Saturn smack-down when your own daughter seeks a court injunction to keep you away for her and her dog.  Of course, since she is a double Cancer, all the important decisions and critical changes will have to be made an emotional level. What she communicates to the world through her Leo Mercury (which is right on her Midheaven) is only a garbled by-product that this internal process.

Between now and Sept. we are likely to we are likely to hear more rants and see more confused and contradictory behavior from Courtney Love. The hope is that out of all this static some positive decisions will be made. Saturn transits are never easy but the opportunities they present us to improve our lives are precious and must be used.

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