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Uranus Square Pluto: The Bright Side

We astrologers sometimes get so caught up in the potential problems posed by big aspects like the Uranus to Pluto square that going to be dominating the sky for the next three years that we fail to mention possible benefits. After all, change is not always a bad thing, even though it may be jolting and extremely discomforting to many.

The kind of changes we are likely to see with Uranus square Pluto will naturally be fraught with conflict. For example, recent technological developments have made the process called “fracking” feasible. This process could result in a bonanza of natural gas that would help alleviate the energy crisis around the world. However, “fracking” poses environmental risks that have many people alarmed.

Over the next three years we can expect more breakthroughs in technology that show great promise but also have a significant down side. These new ideas will result in loud and contentious debate but, with time and patience, these debates can lead us to real, workable solutions.

 Politically, we will also see more new ideas, shifting values and drastic changes to established institutions. Already in this country we have “Obamacare” and a hard turn to the right within the Republican Party. As controversial as these changes may be, they have caused more of us to seriously consider what we truly want from our government and to get involved in democratic process. With this Uranus to Pluto square, the option of sitting on the fence or hiding behind an ignorance of the issues will not be acceptable.

As I said in my last article on this aspect, we are condemned to live in interesting time. Many might see this as a curse but it can also be a blessing. Living in interesting times means that we cannot be complacent or detached. We can't be surprised when trusted institutions falter and we must expect our points of view to be drastically altered. Interesting times are never predictable and sometimes destructive, but they are times during major adjustments and necessary decisions can be made. We just have to be prepared to make them.

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