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Around the Zodiac with the Avengers: Part 6

As a fan of Marvel Comics from way back I welcomed the release of the newest installment of the Marvel mythology: The Avengers. As I was enjoying the movie I couldn’t help but think about the characters in astrological terms. Assuming that fictional characters can have horoscopes, here are my thoughts on the Sun Signs of the six Avengers.

Finally, let’s consider the big guy: The Hulk.


The Hulk was one of the most popular of the Marvel characters invented during the 1960s. This popularity carried over into a television series with Lou Ferrigo and Bill Bixby. The movie versions of the character, which give us computer generated images of the Hulk, have been less successful. More than any other Avenger, the Hulk is a creature of our imaginations. He is the sum total of all the accumulated frustration and swallowed rage of a lifetime. That’s why we are no longer satisfied with a Mr. Universe painted green. We love ya, Lou, but that kind of awe inspiring, over-the-top anger can only be represented on the screen by artificial means.

Figuring out the Sun sign of the Hulk was not easy. First of all, I had to also consider his alter ego, the bland and relatively passive Bruce Banner. Banner is actual as much the Hulk as the Hulk is Bruce Banner. The boundary between their identities is fluid and Mark Ruffalo’s brilliant portrayal of Banner in The Avengers makes this fluidity even more apparent. That’s why I decided that the Hulk had to be a Pisces. I know we typically think of Pisces people as gentle and inoffensive but Pisces is also an emotional sign, a sign of deep and powerful passions. Sometimes those passions consume the Pisces person and make him or her act out in ways that are unexpected and shocking. The Pisces in question might even wake up in a heap of twisted metal with his or her clothes all torn and a US army battalion closing in. Or maybe not.

That’s my opinion. Now let’s hear yours. Click on comment and tell us which Sun sign do feel best fits The Incredible Hulk.