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Around the Zodiac with the Avengershawkeye2: Part 5

As a fan of Marvel Comics from way back I welcomed the release of the newest installment of the Marvel mythology: The Avengers. As I was enjoying the movie I couldn’t help but think about the characters in astrological terms. Assuming that fictional characters can have horoscopes, here are my thoughts on the Sun signs of the six Avengers.

This time we're going to consider the group's resident marksman: Hawkeye.

Like the Black Widow, Hawkeye first appeared in Iron Man comics as a villain. He was quickly rehabilitated and joined the second generation of comic book Avengers. This version of Hawkeye had a temper and some issues with authority but the movie version, played by Jeremy Renner, is quieter and somewhat darker. He has a past he doesn’t want to talk about and capacity for single-minded concentration that allows him to shoot an arrow pretty much anywhere you want an arrow shot. You get the impression that there’s a lot of anger behind that deadeye accuracy.

Hawkeye, as he is portrayed in the movie, is obviously a Scorpio. This is not surprising. We like having Scorpio characters in our action movies. We like heroes who are willing to root out evil and injustice with ruthless determination. Like Renner‘s Hawkeye, these Scorpio heroes are sensitive but too tough to show it. They are basically loners, mulling over the dark thoughts and suffering with their deep emotions. Outside the movies, of course, we prefer our Scorpios to be less inscrutable and ruthless, and certainly less prone to fire arrows in our direction.

That’s my opinion. Now let’s hear yours. Click on comment and tell us which Sun sign do feel best fits Hawkeye.

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