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Around the Zodiac with the Avengers: Part 4

As a fan of Marvel Comics from way back I welcomed the release of the newest installment of the Marvel mythology: The Avengers. As I was enjoying the movie I couldn’t help but think about the characters in astrological terms. Assuming that fictional characters can have horoscopes, here are my thoughts on the Sun Signs of the six Avengers.

Let's talk about the sole female member of the Avengers: The Black Widow?

In the comic book the Black Widow started out as a baddy. She was seductive, deceptive and heartless. Later, a reformed version of the character became a heroine. In the movie she is an operative of S.H.I.E.L.D. The Black Widow played (as by Scarlett Johansson) is a professional spy, cool-headed, analytical and amazingly efficient at kicking the daylights out of muscular thugs twice her size. She doesn’t talk trash or gloat over her victories. She just quietly and calmly performs the required beat-downs and moves on.

I see this version of the Black Widow as a Virgo. Virgos respect efficiency. They take personal pride in being impersonal. We don’t generally associate Virgo with aggression but, believe me, a Virgo with the skills and gadgets that the Black Widow possesses wouldn’t have to be all that aggressive. Aggression requires emotional involvement and emotions often blind the unwary to important details and subtle advantages. Virgo prefers a more intellectual approach, followed by a completely dispassionate kick to the groin.

That’s my opinion. Now let’s hear yours. Click on comment and tell us which Sun sign do feel best fits the Black Widow.

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