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Around the Zodiac with the Avengers: Part 3ironmanimage

As a fan of Marvel Comics from way back I welcomed the release of the newest installment of the Marvel mythology: The Avengers. As I was enjoying the movie I couldn’t help but think about the characters in astrological terms. Assuming that fictional characters can have horoscopes, here are my thoughts on the Sun Signs of the six Avengers.

Let’s consider the best dressed of the Avengers: Iron Man

Iron Man is a regular guy, more like a regular genius, who has built himself a suit of armor that flies, launches rockets and shoots repulser rays. In the comic book the guy in the suit was a millionaire playboy named Tony Stark. The movies have maintained this characterization but, as he is played by Robert Downey Jr., Stark has a wit and a talent for well-timed put downs that the original never possessed. Downey’s Tony Stark is a fast talking, fast thinking master of gadgets and science. Sure, he has a reputation as a playboy to maintain, but his real idea of fun is being locked away in his laboratory making machines that other people can only imagine.

To me, Iron Man has to be a Gemini. Gemini people typically have a natural affinity for technology. They are quick witted and frequently quite charming but their attention span tends to be short, particularly when it comes to relationships and practical obligations. Like Tony Stark, Gemini folks see brain power as the ultimate solution of every problem. If the problem requires a jet propelled, weaponized suit of armor, then let's get to work and build one. Thankfully, very few of the problems Gemini people are called upon to solve require such elaborate remedies.

That’s my opinion. Now let’s hear yours. Click on comment and tell us which Sun sign do feel best fits the invincible Iron Man.