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thorimageAround the Zodiac with the Avengers: Part 2

As a fan of Marvel Comics from way back I welcomed the release of the newest installment of the Marvel mythology: The Avengers. As I was enjoying the movie I couldn’t help but think about the characters in astrological terms. Assuming that fictional characters can have horoscopes, here are my thoughts on the Sun Signs of the six Avengers.

Let’s consider that buffed out blond who unabashedly calls himself Thor, god of thunder.

In Norse mythology Thor roughly corresponds with the Greek war god, Aries, but the comic book character was not nearly as aggressive or reckless as the original god of thunder. The movie made from the comic book reinserted a few of these combative characteristics but in a different way. Here Thor is proud, brash and stubborn. He views the habits and opinions of earthly mortals with good humor but he won’t allow anything to compromise his dignity or his rightful position in the universe. Thor is an easy guy to like but you don’t want to cross him.

With all this in mind, I have to go against the mythological associations and assign Thor to the Sun sign of Leo. Leo folks are brave, willful and fiercely loyal to their friends. Heck, their even loyal to their trickster brothers who get them banished to earth. Leos love life and will typically remain positive and cheerful in the bleakest of circumstances. That’s because they have tremendous faith in themselves and their ability to charm, think or fight their way through every sort of trouble. Not every Leo is as tall, blond and stunningly well-built as the thunder god, but you’d be surprised at how many see themselves that way.

That's my opinion. Now, let's hear yours. Click on comments and let us know what sign you think would best fit Thor.

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