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Finding Mom and Dad in Your Horoscope

In astrology the Sun is, among many other things, the symbol of the father while the Moon symbolizes the mother. There are variations on this, of course, but this is the general rule. Typically this symbolism pertains to the type of relationship who had with a parent, how that parent made you feel about yourself and what qualities you most associated with that parent.

Often, however, this symbolism has a more literal manifestation. Let’s say you have the Sun in Taurus in the 2nd House. Was your father ever a real estate agent? Or how’ll about the Moon is close conjunction with Mars. Was your mother in the military or maybe an athlete? It isn’t always that simple when it works it is an amazing little astrological parlor trick.

Of course, to make this work you have to know the sign, house positions and aspects to your Sun and Moon. This requires a complete horoscope charted for the date, time and place of your birth. There are many places on the internetmoonimagewhere a complete horoscope can be acquired, once you have the correct information, often at no charge.

Once you have a horoscope, you need to know the various activities and attributes associated with each sign and planet. I’ve included a brief summary of these but you can find more in any good astrological text. Once you have all these tools, it’s time to go looking for mom and dad. Remember that what’s really described in the horoscope is how that parent influenced your character and your life. Facts about what their jobs or circumstances may be interesting and fun but they are not the main issue.

Aries or Mars – All things dealing with sports, competition and the military. The color red, mechanics, surgery, speed, combat.

Taurus – Real estate, jewelry, the management of money. Artistic pursuits of a practical, utilitarian type. Beauty, caution, resistance to change.

Gemini or Mercury – Writing, journalism, any field dealing primarily with communication or technology. Nervous, talkative, an active mind.

Cancer—Nursing, cooking, any field involving the nurturing of children. An overriding concern for the family. Emotional, volatile and clinging.

Leo – Artistic pursuits, particularly the performing arts. The color yellow or gold, Demonstrative  and prone to drama. Proud, attractive and well-groomed.

Virgo – Quiet, practical and hard working. Works in fields involving service, meticulous planning. Typically works behind the scenes. Critical, direct and unemotional.

Libra or Venus – Beautiful, eager to please and popular. Fields involving people and attractive surroundings. Artistic, sociable and vain.

Scorpio or Pluto – Fields involving secrecy, power, death and human failings.  Police work, research, medicine. Cynical but extremely protective. Deep emotional bonds.

Sagittarius or Jupiter – Exploration, travel, religion and higher education. An free spirit who can’t stay still. Fun, adventurous but sometime irresponsible.

Capricorn or Saturn – Fields involving great responsibility. Government, law, business leaders.  A good provider but emotionally distant. Sometimes describes a parent who is absent.

Aquarius or Uranus – Unconventional parenting. Fields dealing with advanced technology or social issues. Erratic, unpredictable and intellectual.

Pisces or Neptune – Fields involving the ocean, mysticism or religion. Vague and unrealistic but extremely sensitive to the needs of others.

1st House – A parent who is a showman, a distinct and unforgettable personality. Having the Sun or Moon in this house indicates that the corresponding parent will be particularly influential.

2nd House –Property, money, possessions. A parent who is materialist and concerned with providing a safe and pleasant home environment.

3rd House – Communications, siblings. A parent who likes to talk and who is always up on the latest gadgets.

4th House – Home, childhood, security. A parent whose primary concern is attending to needs of his or her children. May be a stay-at-home parent.

5th House – Creativity. A playful and creative parent who treats his or her children as equals. May be lacking when it comes to material support.

6th House – Service, work. A parent who may have been distant because of the need to work or obligations to others. Practical and efficient.

7th House – Partnership, marriage. A parent who may be more concerned with the state of his or her marriage than parenting or a parent who is viewed as a partner instead of as an authority figure.


8th House – Death, sex, marital finances. The child might feel caught up in an emotional struggle between the parents. Power issues have a deep influence on childhood.

9th House – Religion, travel and higher education. A parent who is an intellectual or deeply religious. May indicate a family that was constantly on the move.

10th House – Career. A parent who is ambitious and committed to his or her work, sometimes at the expense of home life.  A successful, perhaps famous parent.

11th House – Social organizations, group creativity. A parent who’s social commitments may interfere with parenting. An activist parent who is deeply committed to a cause or belief.


12th House – Secret places, hidden things. A parent who is absent or just difficult to understand. A parent who works in a prison or hospital.

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