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Rihanna and Chris Brown

The fact that pop singer Rihanna continues to keep company with her ex-boyfriend Chris Brown has mystified many people. In 2009 Brown was convicted of abusing Rihanna and ordered by the court to stay away from her. Later rihannbrownimageRihanna agreed to have the restraining order lifted and, more recently, the two have been performing together. There are rumors that their personal relationship has rekindled. Let’s do a Mars/Venus Compatibility Analysis on these two talented people and see what it has to say about their relationship. (To see horoscopes for Rihanna and Chris Brown charted for noon click here.)

Chris Brown born May 5, 1989 – Mars in Cancer with Venus in Taurus, The Hedonistic Homebody.
Rihanna born Feb. 20, 1988 – Mars in Sagittarius with Venus in Aries, The Leading Love Child


His Venus in Taurus with Her Venus in Aries

Relationship between Zodiac Signs—Semi-Sextile (implies a lack of common ground)
He sees sex and romance as a posh vacation while she views it as an exciting adventure. Since they seek such different results, a degree of mutual frustration is inevitable. His sensuality has little appeal for her while her thirst for challenges will seem too much like work to him.
Love Factor (0 to 10) = 1

His Mars in Cancer with Her Mars in Sagittarius
Relationship between Zodiac Signs—Quincunx (implies a lack of common ground)
To him sex is a means to emotional security. He seeks to hold the object of his desire close and he is prone to irrational thinking with regard to relationships. She, on the other hand, needs her space. Physical sex is not nearly as important to her as shared goals and aspirations.
Lust Factor (0 to 10) = 1

His Mars in Cancer with Her Venus in Aries
Relationship between Zodiac Signs— Square (implies conflict)
His search for security and nurturing will be constantly thwarted by her need for new thrills and challenges. To a certain extent, however, both will find these difficulties stimulating. The struggle of each to make the other conform to his or her priorities can keep them both fascinated for a long while.
Love Factor (0 to 10) = 4
Lust Factor (0 to 10) = 8

His Venus in Taurus with Her Mars in Sagittarius
Relationship between Zodiac Signs— Quincunx (implies a lack of common ground)
He sees sex and romance is physical and practical terms while she needs some idealistic purpose in order to make it all worthwhile. At times, the earthiness of his approach will repel her while her lack of consistency will disappoint and frustrate him.
 Love Factor (0 to 10) = 2
Lust Factor (0 to 10) = 2

Total Love Factor (0- 30) = 7
Total Lust Factor (0-30) = 11

Mars and Venus Summary

Obviously, on the level of Mars and Venus, this combination has little going for it other than the fact the both parties like challenging relationships. In this situation I would hope for strong connections between the Sun, Moon and the angles of the horoscope (the Midheaven, Ascendant, etc) but, since we do not have a complete horoscope for either person, this kind of analysis is severely limited.

One factor does leap out, however. Rihanna’s Sun in Pisces is in a nearly exact conjunction with Chris Brown’s lunar North Node. This would indicate an attraction between these two that transcends the physical. Many astrologers associate the nodes of the Moon with reincarnation and karma and would see this connection as an indication that Rihanna and Brown are living out some unfinished business from a past life.

I am convinced that if we had a time of birth for these two people a connection to the Sun, Moon or the angles would be there. However, the conjunction of her Sun to the North Node of his Moon does add a mysterious and perhaps mystical wrinkle to the arrangement. This is not necessarily a good thing. Whether you see the Nodes of the Moon as dealing with fate, reincarnation or something else, submitting to their influence can be a harrowing experience, particularly for people who are not spiritually aware.

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