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The Weirdness of Neptune on the Midheavenrodmanimage

Astrologers agree that any planet on the angles of the horoscope – the Ascendant, Midheaven, Descendant and I.C – is of paramount importance. A planet so placed, particularly on the Ascendant or Midheaven, can be just as much a factor in the personality of an individual and the Sun or Moon signs. An example of this is the horoscope of Dennis Rodman. (Click here to see Rodman’s chart.)

Rodman was born with both the Sun and Moon in Taurus and he has Capricorn rising. Rodman earned his reputation as a basketball player by rebounding and defending. There was no flash or finesse in his game. He excelled because of his strength and tenacity; just what you would expect from a double Taurus with gritty Capricorn on his Ascendant.

Of course, even though he gained his first notoriety and earned a lot of money with his hard-nosed basketball skills, it was not Rodman’s playing that brought him public attention. It was all the weirdness that came along with it, like the green hair, the wedding dress and the promise to play his last NBA game in the nude. That’s where Neptune enters the picture.

In Rodman’s horoscope Neptune is less than two degrees from the Midheaven. We generally associate the Midheaven with one’s career but it really has to do with the role we assume in the public sphere. It represent our social identity and our legacy. For many people that is their career but, in Rodman’s case, things worked out a little differently. Instead of becoming an artist or a psychic or a fisherman, Rodman chose to make his mark via Neptune’s capacity for bizarre and unsettling behavior.

In previous articles I’ve written about Neptune’s relationship with popular culture. Rodman has made himself a fixture in the pop culture scene. He dated Madonna. He married Carmen Electra. He was on Celebrity Apprentice. But even more Neptunian was Rodman’s cross-dressing and admission that he was emotionally bisexual. What could blur the boundary that defines masculinity in our culture more than a guy who stands 6 foot 8 inches and makes his living through his physical strength and toughness hanging around gay bars?

Neptune on the Midheaven is not a particularly positive placement with regard to one’s career. It indicates that many career goals will not be met and that energy will be wasted in spurious, illusionary or disreputable pursuits. Rodman was cut from the L.A. Lakers before he had a chance to play his last game in the nude. His efforts to establish a post-NBA career have apparently not gone well, at least according to statements made during his child support hearings.

There is another career path associated with Neptune. That is the descent into drug and alcohol addictions. This year Saturn will square Rodman’s natal Saturn. He is entering a decisive period in which he will be forced to make crucial choices and pass difficult tests. It would seem that, for Rodman, one of those tests will be avoiding this tragic Neptunian path. How he handles this test will define his legacy..

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