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The Next Big Mars Slowdown

Several weeks ago I described how Mars was beginning a period of retrograde motion during which it appears to move backwards in the sky relative to the Earth. At the beginning of this retrograde motion Mars moves slowly. As Mars marsredtwocrept across 22 and 23 degrees of Virgo it wrecked various kinds of havoc in the lives of people with the Sun, Moon or planets at these locations. It also caused trouble for people with planets 90 or 180 degrees from 22 and 23 degrees of Virgo. (Click here to see examples.)

Now Mars is getting ready to start moving forward again. But, before it does, it will once more slow down to a crawl through the month of April. This time it will be at 4 and 3 degrees of Virgo and the same rule applies. If you were born with the Sun or Moon, Mars or Venus, Ascendant or Midheaven or any other important planet or point at 3 or 4 degrees of Virgo, you can expect some tough times during April. This will also be the case if you have stuff in your horoscope at a 90 or 180 degree aspect to 3 and 4 degrees of Virgo.

If you don’t have a horoscope charted for your date, time and place of birth, one quick way to know if you’ll be troubled by the Mars slowdown is to look at where your Sun is. If you were born between Aug. 27 and 29 (in any year) you probably have the Sun at or very near these critical degrees of Virgo. Watch out! Also if you are a Pisces born between Feb. 22 and 24, a Gemini born between May 25 and 27 or a Sagittarius born between Nov. 26 and 28, your Sun will be stressed by this slow Mars transit.

If you were born on any of these “hot” days or know you have some other important astrological placement at 3 or 4 degree of Virgo (or aspecting those degrees) you need to be especially cautious during the month of April. Avoid putting yourself in dangerous situations and be mindful that accidents and physical injury are likely manifestations of this Mars transit. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself under attack in some way but, at the same time, keep your own aggressive urges under control. Remember, the negative side of Mars feeds off anger and egotism.

This transit doesn’t have to be a total downer. If you are one of the people under its influence, you will likely feel energized and ready for anything. If you are in a situation in which aggression is the appropriate response, you will be leading the charge. Certainly you will feel more stress and more pressure and you may stub your toe a few times, but you can still get a lot of things accomplished.

The main thing to keep in mind is that, for the most part, the difficulties that coincide with this transit (like the transit itself) will eventually pass. The problems Mars brings us may blaze hot for a while but they rarely endure.  So, if April turns out to be a month you’d rather forget, there’s always May.

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