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What’s Next for Bobbi Kristina Brown?

The death of a parent can be a crushing blow for anyone at any age but it is particularly devastation when it occurs when the child is still young. Bobbi Kristina Brown was just 18 when her mother, Whitney Houston, died last month and there are still many questions about how this youngster will handle her grief.

Bobbi Kristina Brown is a Pisces by Sun sign with the Moon and Mars in Cancer. (Click here to see Brown’s horoscope.) She is a predominantly Water sign person and, therefore, guided by her emotions. Water sign folks form deep attachments to the people they love and those attachments are never completely sundered, even by death. It takes time for Water sign people to process major changes in their lives, particularly in their relationships and they can be very slow to accept circumstances that might seem reasonable and factual to everyone else.

With this in mind, we must expect that Whitney Houston’s daughter will be struggling with her loss for years. Her actions during this period may well seem irrational and unwise. She will be seeking security and comfort wherever it can be found and will show little concern for practical issues.

Right now transiting Pluto is nearing an opposition to Brown’s natal Mars. This is a powerful and potentially self-destructive aspect that she will be dealing with for the next two years. She will need the guidance of loved ones who are more rational and mature to keep her from sinking into depression and self-reproach. This aspect will increase her tendency to be overly emotional and blindly subjective in her judgments.

The advantage that Water sign people have over the rest of us is that, even though they seem to suffer through changes at a deeper and more emotional level, they frequently come out of these painful periods with greater wisdom and perspective. By dealing with the extremes in their own emotional lives, Water sign people gain understanding and sympathy for the emotional extremes that beset us all. Let’s hope that this will be the ultimate outcome of young Ms. Brown’s difficult journey.

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