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Happy New Yearhappynewyear

In astrology, the year does not begin on the first day of January. It begins when the Sun enters the tropical sign of Aries. This is also the day of the Spring Equinox, that time of the year when the daylight and nighttime hours are equal. If we do a horoscope for the date and time of this ingress we are essentially doing a horoscope for the birth of the year. So, since today is the Spring Equinox, let’s have a look at the birthday chart 2012. (Click here to see Aries Ingress chart.)

I did this chart for Washington D.C. because I’m particularly interested in what this chart has to say about what promises to be a very divisive election year. The result was a very interesting horoscope with the Sun directly on the I.C (directly opposite the Midheaven) and the nodes of the Moon on the axis of the Ascendant and Descendant. This indicates that this will be a significant year for the U.S.

The Sun is close to both Mercury and Uranus. The Sun was conjunct Uranus in last year’s Aries Ingress chart as well and we had a year of explosive political developments in the U.S and devastating weather. It looks like we can expect more to the same. With the addition of retrograde Mercury, problems in communication and technology will play a large role in these events.

The Moon is in a tight conjunction with Neptune in this chart indicating that the populace will be confused, disillusioned and easily swayed by false promises and irrational fears. But the Moon is also trine to Saturn so there will be a limit to how far this Neptunian craziness will go.

The best thing about this chart is the Grand Trine with Jupiter, Mars and Pluto. The trine aspect itself indicates peaceful accord and, since the three planets are in Earth signs, it promises that good sense and practicality will reign. Jupiter calms Mars and Pluto, two of the most disruptive planets in astrology, and takes some of the edge off that Sun to Uranus conjunction.

All in all, I am encouraged by this Aries Ingress chart. There will be interesting times but the ultimate outcome will be positive and sensible. Of course, this is by no means an exhaustive examination of this chart. If you’re interested in more detailed examinations from perspectives different from my own check out the following links.




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