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Saturn Pays a Call on George Clooney

In previous articles I have discussed the importance of the cycle of Saturn. It is also the subject of my book, Saturn Cycles: Mapping Changes in Your Life. As Saturn moves around the zodiac it forms aspects with the place it occupied on the day of your birth. Every 28 years it returns to that place. Every 7 years it makes a 90 or 180 degree aspect to that degree of the zodiac. These aspects mark important transition points in your life. They also test us, both in terms of our abilities and our character.

One celebrity who is currently experiencing one of these periods of transition is George Clooney (click here to see Clooney’s horoscope.) Clooney was born with Saturn at 29 degrees of Capricorn. Right now Saturn is moving retrograde at 29 degree of Libra, in a nearly perfect 90 degree square to its natal position.

The changes that coincide with Saturn transits are often quite public. There could be a major shift in your career or in your relationships. The great triumphs of our lives often occur during these Saturn aspects. So do the most painful defeats. However, these changes can also be quiet and personal, like an intimate conversation that alters your entire outlook on life or a seemingly unimportant event that becomes the catalyst for a much larger realization. For Clooney, transiting Saturn is in the secretive 8th house, so the changes it brings may not be immediately evident.

At this point we don’t know what form Clooney’s present Saturn transit will take. His movie, “The Descendants” was well received and he was nominated for an Academy Award but Oscar night was not his night of triumph. Nor is there any indication that he is ready to abandon his well-documented bachelorhood. And yet, Saturn always leaves a mark and, at some level, important changes are percolating.

Saturn has not yet completed its aspect to Clooney’s natal Saturn. It went retrograde (started moving backwards relative to the earth) in early February just 21 minutes of the arc away from an exact aspect. Saturn will continue its retrograde motion until June and then complete the aspect to Clooney’s Saturn in early October. Between now and October Clooney will be facing significant challenges and making important, life-changing decisions. He will be tested and it will be up to him to pass Saturn's tests.

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