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lobstersGuest Post: My Better Half

Linda here. I want to give kudos to "Lobster for Leos, Cookies for Capricorns," by Sabra Ricci. Ricci is an astrologer/chef who has combined her passion & expertise in both areas and pull together a noteworthy cookbook. With over 200 pages, this cookbook has a something that will please the palate of each astrological sign. But it's more than just a cookbook. It also contains information about each Zodiac sign and how that person responds to being "on duty" in the kitchen, their favorite foods, foods that are best for them, etc.


I'm a Taurus, so I immediately turned to that section. Her descriptions for Taurus, the Taurus body, troubled body parts (thyroid --- that's me!), and favorite foods was spot on. It was as if I had written the information based on my own life and loves. Incredible. The eight recipes for Taurus included food I already love and cook with, as well as some combinations I had never really considered, but now simply must put on my shopping list!


I've already tried her Zucchini Bread with Toasted Brazil Nuts today. It is amazing! I will definitely be baking that again. Brazil nuts are said to contain lots of selenium and zinc, which have health benefits for the thyroid. The next recipe I will be trying is her Butternut Squash and Wild Rice Pilaf, which, I believe, I will match up with some baked salmon and asparagus.


If you're interested, Sabra Ricci has a Facebook page and also contributes to some astrology and tarot websites.


Heading back now for my second slice of zucchini bread ...

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