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Opposites Attract: Conclusion

Now that I've finished this series on the attraction of astrological opposites, I'm interested in hearing the opinions of other people. What has been your experience in loving your opposite? It doesn't have to be romantic partner. It could be a relationship with a co-worker, family member or friend. Have your experiences with people born in the sign opposite your Sun sign (or Moon sign, or Venus sign, or Ascendant, etc) been positive? What did you learn from the relationship? Do you feel that there was "something" in the other person that you lacked? Did you fight about the things I've suggested in these articles? If not, what did you fight about?


As I said at the beginning, relationships with opposites don't usually begin as naturally or easily as relationships with people with whom we share trines and conjuncts. We are often attracted to the person and put off by them at the same time. And as I pointed out in the articles, people involved in opposite relationship will clash. Their view points are just too dissimilar not to occasionally disaggree. But, once an opposite relationship is set, it can become very strong. So, if you're involved in a relationship with an opposite, romantic or otherwise, don't expect it to be a smooth ride. But if you're willing to learn from your parner, and they're willing to learn from you, it can be the most rewarding relationship of your life.