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Opposites Attract Part 6: Virgo and Piscesoppositionvirgopisces

Opposite signs often attract one another in astrology.  Let’s look at how this attraction works for Virgo and Pisces. I’m going to consider this in terms of Sun signs, but the same principles apply to Moon signs, Mars signs and so on.

Virgo and Pisces – Virgo looks to his or her Pisces partner for a vision of the world beyond the commonplace. Virgo finds poetry with Pisces and learns the value emotional fulfillment. Pisces teaches the Virgo partner that we are defined by our dreams and not by our work.

Pisces and Virgo – The Pisces partner needs Virgo’s realism and concern for the specific to anchor his or her dreams. Virgo shows Pisces that the material world in not a bore. Rather is a storehouse of information with enough material to sustain a million fantasies.

And now let’s look at the problems with this opposite relationship.

Virgo and Pisces – Virgo will often find Pisces lazy and abysmally inattentive when it comes to details. “How could you have possibly missed that?” Virgo screams.

Pisces and Virgo – Virgo’s need to analyze everything will give Pisces fits. “Stop worrying and just go with it,” Pisces shouts.

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