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Opposites Attract Part 4: Cancer and Capricornoppositioncancercap

Opposite signs often attract one another in astrology.  Let’s look at how this attraction works for Cancer and Capricorn. I’m going to consider this in terms of Sun signs, but the same principles apply to Moon signs, Mars signs and so on.

Cancer and Capricorn – A Capricorn partner can help Cancer avoid wasting energy on emotional problems that have no solution. Capricorn gives the Cancer partner focus and shows him or her the value of consistent effort and practical thinking.

Capricorn and Cancer – Cancer teaches the Capricorn partner that chaos can actually be lot of fun. Through Cancer, Capricorn learns that it’s sometimes better, and perhaps even more profitable, to follow your feelings instead of the rules.

And now let’s look at the problems with this opposite relationship.

Cancer and Capricorn – Cancer will at times find Capricorn’s practicality and materialism boring. “You are so damned predictable,” Cancer says.

Capricorn and Cancer – Capricorn never quite understands how sensitive Cancer can be. After a while they may get tired of constantly saying “I’m sorry.”

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