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Opposites Attract Part 2: Taurus and Scorpiooppositiontaurusscorpio

Opposite signs often attract one another in astrology.  Let’s look at how this attraction works for Taurus and Scorpio. I’m going to consider this in terms of Sun signs, but the same principles apply to Moon signs, Mars signs and so on.

Taurus and Scorpio – The Scorpio partner shows Taurus that real contentment runs deeper than the digits on one’s bank statement or the size of one’s TV. Taurus seeks to avoid pain and hardship but through Scorpio he or she can learn that these experiences have their place. If nothing else, they sharpen our enjoyment of the good times.

Scorpio and Taurus –The Taurus partner draws Scorpio out of the closed-in world of emotions and helps him or her maintain contact with the fresh beauty of the real world. Taurus won’t let the Scorpio partner dwell on grudges, fears and obsessions and constantly brings him or her back to the joys of the senses.

And now let’s look at the problems with this opposite relationship.

Taurus and Scorpio – The complex and nuanced world of Scorpio’s emotions will not appeal to Taurus’ taste for directness and simplicity. “Why can’t you just say what you really mean,” Taurus shouts.

Scorpio and Taurus – Taurus’ penchant for seeing everything in physical, real life terms will exasperate Scorpio. “You’re missing the point,” Scorpio cries.

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