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Astrology and the Tea Party Movement

It’s hard to get an astrological fix on the Tea Party Movement. It includes a lot of people who are angry over a lot of different issues. But a recent book by Kate Zernike called “Boiling Mad: Inside Tea Party America” does give us basic teapartyflagdescription of the typical Tea Party activist. Polls reveal that he or she is likely to be white, financially secure and older.

This makes me think that a large proportion of Tea Party crowd are from the first wave of Baby Boomers, a generation born between about 1943 and 1956 with Pluto in Leo and Neptune in Libra. Neptune in the sign of the Scales is particularly emblematic of this Neptune in Libra generation since they seem to have divided into two camps, each complaining that the other is not playing fair.

I write about this division and its relation to the partisan politics that has become the bane of our government in my article, “The Battle of the Boomers.” I discuss how the how the right wing vs. left wing debate stems from Neptune in Libra’s vision of a world in which everything must be “fair.” Of course, the definition of what is or isn’t “fair” varieties with the observer.

 What we’re witnessing with the Tea Party movement is the outrage of the right wing of the Neptune in Libra generation. With this in mind it shouldn’t be surprising that what they seem to want is a world much like the one in which they up in the fifties, when the USA was the unquestioned leader in everything and everyone was better off dead than red.

This is not to demean the power of this group. Both sides of the Neptune in Libra generation, left and right, liberal and conservative, have been a political force in the United States since the 1960s. They are a proportionately large generation and their dream of fairness is compelling. And yet, as powerful and vociferous as they may be, they are still on half of one Neptune generation. There are other voices out there. They may not be as loud or well-organized, but they will be heard.

You can read my “Battle of the Boomers” article, plus other articles on Neptune generations on this website. Just click on the “Learn more about astrology” box on the left side of the home page.