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What's Next for Michele Bachmann?

When Michele Bachmann announced her candidacy for the Republican presidential nomination in June of 2012 she drew immediate attention.With her combative Aries nature and tendency to take extreme, if not particularly well thought-out positions, she quickly became the darling to the Tea-Party movement and a prime target for late night talk show hosts. For a short time she seemed to be at the head of the pack and then her early momentum began to fade. After losing badly in the Iowa caucuses, Bachmann dropped out of the race.

So is this the end of Michele Bachmann as a national political figure? I think not, and this is why.

In an interview, Bachmann gave her birth time as 12:08. Unfortunately, she failed to mention if it was 12:08 AM or PM. Personally, I favor the PM version of her chart. It makes Leo her Rising Sign with Uranus close to the ascending degree, but I’m sure arguments could be made for either time. (For the 12:08 PM chart for Michele Bachmann, click here.)

With either birth time, however, she is facing a significant transit of Uranus in 2014 and 2015. Uranus will cross either her Midheaven or her IC (depending on whether the time is AM or PM) and conjunct her Sun. Bachmann’s secondary progressed Moon will also conjunct her natal Sun in 2014.

These aspects should represent a period of restlessness and disruption in Bachmann’s life. She will feel the need to make major changes in her career path (particularly if her birth time is 12:08 PM.) Could this mean another presidential run? Much depends on the circumstances but, given her history for speaking (and misspeaking) her mind, Michele Bachmann will not go through this explosive transit without making a lot noise.

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