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Russell Brand and Katy Perry Splitbrandandperry

Several months ago I did a Mars and Venus Compatibility Analysis of the relationship between Russell Brand and Katy Perry. These reports are based solely on the Mars/Venus combination. I look at how his Mars works with her Venus, how her Mars works with his Venus and so on. Since this method only tells us how the couple will relate on a sexual level, it can’t describe the total relationship. (You would need a complete horoscope charted for the correct date, time and place of birth for each party to do this.) Still, the results are revealing, particularly in light of Brand and Perry’s recent break-up. Take a look.

Russell Brand born June 4, 1975, Grays Essex, England – Mars in Aries with Venus in Cancer, The Emotional Extremist.

Katy Perry born Oct. 25, 1984 Santa Barbara, CA – Mars in Capricorn with Venus in Sagittarius, The Saucy Slave of Love

His Venus in Cancer with Her Venus in Sagittarius
Relationship between Zodiac Signs—Quincunx (implies a lack of common ground)
He needs emotional support and cuddling. She wants to be free and is not always mindful that relationships include responsibilities. There will many times when she will not be there for him either physically, emotionally or both.
Love Factor (0 to 10) = 0

His Mars in Aries with Her Mars in Capricorn
Relationship between Zodiac Signs—Square (implies conflict)
She is essentially cautious with regard to sex and will be put off by her daring, anything goes attitude. More importantly, his sex drive fades when the situation is not right while her sex drive is strong and quite physical. On the other hand, both have a high tolerance for conflict within a relationship.
Lust Factor (0 to 10) = 5

His Mars in Aries with Her Venus in Sagittarius
Relationship between Zodiac Signs— Trine (implies cooperation)
Now we’re talkin’! He will be attracted to her adventurous spirit and openness. She will find his confidence and sexual energy fascinating.  They both tend to be aggressive when it comes to getting what they want and neither will back away from a fight.
Love Factor (0 to 10) = 8
Lust Factor (0 to 10) = 10

His Venus in Cancer with Her Mars in Capricorn
Relationship between Zodiac Signs— Opposition (implies attraction with difficulties)

To him, she will seem stiff and emotionally unresponsive she will regard his emotional vulnerability as a weakness. The good news is that she will feel the need to protect his tender emotions and he will regard her tendency to ignore emotional issues as a challenge.
Love Factor (0 to 10) = 5
Lust Factor (0 to 10) = 7

Total Love Factor (0- 30) = 13
Total Lust Factor (0-30) = 22

Mars and Venus Summary

Here the numbers more-or-less speak for themselves. There’s a whole lot of lust but not so much love. This relationship will require strong connections between the Sun and Moon or some other significant factor in order to endure. Otherwise the main thing it has going for it is the fact that Brand (with Mars in Aries) likes conflict and challenge in his relationships and Perry (with Mars in Capricorn) is drawn to relationships in which she has to make sacrifices. They both can find pleasure in a troublesome relationship. However, at some point Perry’s Venus in Sagittarius is going to grow tired of this odd interdependence and go looking for less difficult arrangement. This relationship will need much more than sex to work over the long haul.

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